Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2019

China urges Taiwan to admit its dominance


China has urged its neighbour Taiwan, on which it has been imposing all kinds of pressure for last few decades to deny the status of complete independence, to admit the dominance of its rule.

The communist country has warned that its neighbour must accept the rights of its mainland government over the breakaway. It has asserted that its neighbour will have to do it in the near future.

Taiwan last day requested the Chinese administration that it should recognise the independence of it. It also pleaded that China should not disrespect the wish of millions of Taiwanese.

Since the expulsion of nationalist government from China, China and Taiwan are two separate countries; one is ruled by the communist and the other by the democrats. Both consider each other as the threat for their existence.

Taiwan is not an aggressive nation. It is not as powerful as China. It depends almost entirely on foreign forces for its security. So, it is less likely to pose any serious threat to the Communist China, through its relation with its neighbour is not too cordial.

On the other hand, China is very aggressive. It is not Taiwan that disturbs China, but it is the support it gets from the west that irritates the communist country.

For last few years, China has been behaving more aggressively. It has tried to severe the ties between Taiwan and the west. It has even openly announced that a foreign country could open its embassy either in China or in Taiwan, not in both.

How long it will take China to recognise the importance of democracy, freedom, independence and mutual respect?


Vignesh. S. G

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China urges Taiwan to admit its dominance