Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Chinese authorities begin investigation on fake flavouring products

 The Chinese authorities, intending to eliminate the fake food products from their country, have initiated a probe over those illicit companies allegedly producing the fake flavouring products, which may cause serious disease to those people who are using the products. Recently, the Chinese state-run media exposed the presence of the fake seasoning products across the country’s food market. Followed by that, it identified some companies, which were indulged in the production of such fake products. In the report, the Chinese media mentioned that these illicit manufacturers were using illegal ingredients like industrial salt and hazardous chemicals for making the seasoning products. The people living in the Asian region normally use the seasoning materials in their meals as it is a common ingredient of their meal. Notably, it is not the first time this Asia’s most populous country is hit by the food adulteration issue. Earlier, a fake milk powder had killed eight innocent babies and caused serious ill-effects on nearly three lakh children across the country. Even though, now, the authorities has deployed an efficient investigative team to probe the issue as soon as it has been informed about the news regarding the illegal seasoning product factories, the shocking reality that, if the news can be trusted, these factories have been uninterruptedly operating in the city of Tianjin for last ten years raises serious question on the accountability of the Food and Drug Administration authorities of the communist country where, it asserts, the policies concerning people’s welfare and well being dominate over all other matters.


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Chinese authorities begin investigation on fake flavouring products