Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

Chinese national booked in Poland for spying


A Chinese national, who is said to be a senior officer of Chinese telecom company Huawei, has been booked by the Polish authorities for spying, along with a former Polish Internal Security Service officer, who was dismissed from service for corruption.

The Polish authorities have conduced raids in the workplaces of the arrested. Nothing relevant has been reported recovered from the workplaces.

Before letting them walk free, the arrestees may be forced to remain the custody of Polish authorities for at least three to four months. During this period, both may be questioned in details.

Poland is likely to take strict action against Huawei. Already, in most western nations, the activities of this Chinese telecom giant are viewed with immense suspicion. New Zealand, the US and Australia has recently announced that they would not allow this telecom company to get be a part of their 5G sector.

Many allege that China uses this telecom giant to spy on the west, primarily the United Nations, Germany, France and Briton.

Meanwhile, like what they usually do, the telecom management has also denounced the latest allegation that one of its employees has been caught for spying in Poland, saying all of its employees are well-trained to respect the law of the land where the company operates.


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Chinese national booked in Poland for spying