Published On: Sat, Mar 24th, 2018

Clashes break out in Catalonia over ‘Spain SC Verdict’


Soon after the top court of Spain held that the Catalonian separatists, over whom the central authority of Spain is angry for the fire of separation movement which they triggered in the region disturbing the stability of this part of the country, should be tried for embezzlement, disobeying the central authority and rebellion, a violent state of rampant clashes has occurred in several locations across the regions, especially in places where the federal establishments are located.

The verdict of the Supreme Court of Spain will directly affect at least twenty-five separatist political activist, who has been working for the independence of Catalonia, the highly-autonomous region located in this European country, from all the clutches of the central authority.

Though the majority of those declared eligible for the trials are in the foreign lands where this country’s law is not applicable, some are still in this country; those who still remain might be taken into the judicial custody.

As per a latest information, the directives have been already given to take those mentioned fit back into the custody for further legal proceedings.

A protester has warned that at least two million people want to leave Spain and the iron fist of the central authority cannot put all those who want to leave inside the prison.

A media report has exposed that the central police have used merciless techniques to disperse the protesters.

At least twenty protesters and some police officials, as per the report, have been injured in the clashes.



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Clashes break out in Catalonia over ‘Spain SC Verdict’