Published On: Fri, Apr 20th, 2018

Clashes erupt in South Africa’s North West province


Putting the Cyril Ramaphosa-led government in a serious political crisis, serious clashes have erupted in the North West province of South Africa, which recently witnessed a power shift.

The protesters demanding job opportunities and housing have inflicted serious damages to the public properties, and, in several places, clashed with the police persons, who have used all their means including grenades to disperse the protesters.

In a bid to make urgent arrangements to contain the political crisis which has engulfed the country at present, South African Supremo Cyril Ramaphosa, who grabbed the top post from Jacob Zuma, has cut short his visit to the United Kingdome, where the Commonwealth Summit is taking place.

The protesters are not likely to withdraw from their protest activities until the leader of the South West province, one of the members of Ramaphosa’s party (African National Congress), against which the protesters are protesting, resigns from his top post.

Once Mr Ramaphosa reaches the country, he would meet the representatives of his party’s North West unit.

As per the latest updates, it is less likely that the South West province leader would extend his willingness to step down from his top post surrendering to the pressure exerted by the protesters.


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Clashes erupt in South Africa’s North West province