Published On: Wed, May 17th, 2017

Conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalates amidst cyber war













Amidst the cyber war, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has rampantly escalated with the latter’s attack on the website of former’s supremo, the Kiev’s implementation of a ban through which the Moscow’s social media networks and search engines have been restricted access to the Ukraine market in which the Russian products are very popular. Even though the Ukraine has made a public statement accusing Russia of engaging in a cyber war with them, Moscow has abstained from making any provocative statement. It is learned that the former soviet powerhouse has neither acknowledged the cyber-attack on the Ukraine supremo’s website nor publically denounced the allegation.

Many see this as an informal acknowledgement of the speculation that the latest cyber-attack allegedly carried by Russia is in retaliation for the ban imposed by Ukraine to their cyber services and social networks. Earlier, the Russian authorities have criticized the move to impose a ban on the Russian cyber services and social media, called the Ukraine government an autocratic government. The social media, and Odnoklassniki, and search engine, Yandex, are the prime services banned by the Ukraine government. At this moment, it is not clear how much impact this ban make on the Russian economy. It is learned that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine originally started when the former forcefully annexed the Crimea region. Since then, an armed conflict allegedly waged by Russians has been happening in the Ukraine’s Northern Ukraine regain.









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Conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalates amidst cyber war