Published On: Tue, May 30th, 2017

Conflict of interest shadows Russia-France discussions

 The conflict of interest between the Russian supremo, Vladimir Putin, and the France President, Emmanuel Macron, has shadowed the Moscow-Paris discussion. Russian wants economic favours from France while Paris expects Moscow’s assistance in the counter-terrorism activities. The International media reports that the meeting between Russia and France has been unproductive. It seems that both countries have neither fully prepared for the meeting nor wanted any good output from the meeting. According to the report, the meeting has taken place at the Versailles Palace near Paris. As per the report, this is the first time both leaders have done a face-to-face talk. It is said that the Syrian conflict has become one of the prime subjects of the discussion. In the conflict, Russia and France support two different factions: Moscow backs Syrian supremo Bashar al-Assad and Iran-backed force, Paris stays with the Sunni Arab and Kurdish rebel force which fights against the Syrian dictatorial establishment. It is unlikely that both countries will improve its bilateral relation in near future. But, it is likely that both countries may resume some economic deals. The preponderance of the European countries imposed a tough sanction on Russia since Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. Earlier, during the French presidential election, in which centrist Macron defeated far-rightist Marine Le Pen to become the supremo, the Russian openly supported the far-rightist and allegedly helped them with the cyber-attack over the centrist camp.


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Conflict of interest shadows Russia-France discussions