Published On: Thu, Aug 10th, 2017

Contaminated ‘Dutch’ eggs traced in Britain : EU Nations on a hunt to track down

downloadAround 700,000 Contaminated ‘Dutch’ eggs are said to have been doing rounds in shops all across Britain. Eggs that have been contaminated with Fipronil, a harmful pesticide banned for food production have been making their round in EU market from quite some time and now has entered Britain. Britain’s Food Agency had earlier had earlier warned of around 21,000 contaminated eggs in the Britain market, but now it fears around 700,000 eggs have entered into the nation.

EU nations France, Germany, Sweden and Belgium are on a hunt to track down the contaminated eggs that have enter their respective markets. Sourced out from Farms in Dutch land, the Dutch authorities were accused by the Belgians for not taking any action against it.

Prof Chris Elliot, director of the Institute for Global security has praised the concerned authorities for their quick action upon knowing about its existence in the market, but fears it would be hard to track down 700,000 eggs across countless shops around Britain.

Azam Sait

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Contaminated ‘Dutch’ eggs traced in Britain : EU Nations on a hunt to track down