Published On: Fri, Aug 10th, 2018

Costa Rican court rejects parliament’s move to ban same-sex marriages


Observing that the Costa Rican parliament’s new law which bans the practice of same –sex marriages is unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of the country has directed the parliament to replace the new law with a kind of law, which does not discriminate the people of the country on the basis of their sexual orientation, within the timeframe of eighteen months.

The court has also noted that if the parliament fails to bring such a law within the prescribed time limit, the present law will naturally cease to exist once the timeframe allotted by the court ends.

The Costa Rican parliament is dominated by the evangelists, who oppose the progressive idea of same-sex marriages. A member, who supports the new-age concept of same-sex marriages, opines that the parliament is less likely to articulate any new policy on this matter.

Progressive politician Carlos Alvarado, who defeated evangelical pastor Fabrico Alvarado to win the presidential post of the country, is one of the prime supporters of same-sex marriages.

During the presidential campaign, the issue of same-sex marriages extensively discussed. Moreover, Mr Carlos Alvarado assured the people during the campaign that he would try his best to legalise the practice of same-sex marriages, which his opponent strongly opposed and condemned continuously.


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Costa Rican court rejects parliament’s move to ban same-sex marriages