Published On: Sat, Aug 18th, 2018

Cricketer-turned-politician to lead Pakistan


Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan is set to lead Pakistan as his party, which secured the maximum number of seats in the last general election, has secured the support of several small parties, breaking the dead lock created by an inconclusive election result –the cricketer’s party, though secured a considerable number of seats, failed to secure a clear majority in the parliament.

The cricketer is the member of the sports team, which won the 1992 Cricket World Cup for Pakistan.

He is a conservative leader and has the support of the military force, which has been continuously trying to bring the Muslim dominated country under their control.

There are allegations that the Pakistan military helped him during the general election to win a maximum number of seats.

Several International organisations, who monitored the developments during the general election, lately delivered some comments supporting the aforementioned allegation.

Anyway, while speaking in the sworn-in ceremony, the newly elected Pakistan Prime Minister has asserted that his first priority is the development of the country’s economy.

Pakistan is at present facing a serious financial crisis. An urgent intervention is needed to sort out the issue.

Notably, the newly elected leader has maintained a shameful silence in the sensitive subject of terrorism during his speech.

Several experts believe that Pakistan is the hub of terrorists. An expert opines that the leader could have assured his commitment to fight the danger or assist the agencies which fight the threat posed by the global terrorism.



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Cricketer-turned-politician to lead Pakistan