Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Crime rate increases in Brazil rampantly; even police officials are not safe


In one of the disturbing developments in the Latin American region, the crime rate is rampantly increasing in Brazil.

As per the latest report, in this country, even police officials are extremely vulnerable to these crimes.

This year also, nearly ninety-one police officials have been killed in the country.

There are allegations that the media outlets are not showing any enthusiasm to report the stories regarding the mishaps suffered by the police officials and their families as much as the way they cover the stories regarding the human right violations exercised by the police officials.

It is to be noted that the cases regarding the human rights violations perpetrated by the police force are also increasing unprecedentedly.

Last year alone, nearly 800 people have been killed by the police forces in the country.

Observers claim that the rising economic crisis is the real factor acting behind the unprecedented rise in the crime rates in the country. They add that the rising corrupting cases cause the rise in the financial crisis. They further add that while analysing the factors, it is clear that the crime rate is indirectly liked to the corruption.

The authorities must articulate a feasible policy to weed out corruption. This is the one and only solution to this mishap. Unfortunately, it seems that the political elites have no interest in paying any heed to this idea at this moment as it stands against their wicked interest.


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Crime rate increases in Brazil rampantly; even police officials are not safe