Published On: Tue, Mar 28th, 2017

Cyclone Debbie batters Australia

Australia is being battered by a powerful cyclone, named Cyclone Debbie, forcing nearly twenty-five thousand people to leave their home and to find shelter in the government shelter homes. The power supply, in the region, has been partially damaged due to the strong winds. Some preliminary reports say that the cyclone has partially destructed numerous houses and buildings. At this moment, it is not clear how many properties have been affected. Not less than forty-five thousand buildings have already faced the consequence of this disastrous cyclone. The unfortunate fact is that this is just the beginning. The cyclone is expected to stay in the region for hours. It is learned that a disaster response plan has been activated by the political executives of the country. According to the International Medias, the cyclone has created some landslides in Queensland, Australia. An official representative, citing an official data, has acknowledged that the intensity of the wind is likely to increase gradually. The local authorities have informed that the offices and schools functioning in Queensland have been temporarily closed. Interestingly, some locals have refused to cooperate with the evacuation team. Anyway, the authorities have skilfully brought the situation under control. While speaking to the media, some locals have compared the disastrous winds with the monster. It gives a deep insight on how traumatised the local people are. The coming hours are very crucial.


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Cyclone Debbie batters Australia