Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2017

Cyprus reconciliation talk is in progress









Giving a hope that the issues between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will be resolved at the earliest, the Cyprus reconciliation talk is set to enter its next level. As per the latest updates, the reconciliation talk, which has been recently resumed, has made some positive remarks over the sensitive issues like property, security and EU’s role. While speaking to the media personals, the new UN supremo, Antonio Guterres, asserts that the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean would reunite by quashing all odds blocking their way towards the unification. Meanwhile, he also opines that it might not happen very soon. The tactical region of Europe, which witnessed several invasions, was unevenly separated in 1974, just few years after it grabbed the independence from the British rule following a strong nationalisation movement. The main reason behind the split was that the independent Cyprus comprised of two communities possessing different culture, and declaring their affinity towards two different religions and two different nations. The minority community, Turkish Cypriots, were mostly Muslims and were supported by Turks, while the majority community, Greek Cypriots, were mostly Christians and were backed by Greece. In the northern region of the island, the Turk backed Turkish Cypriots had created an independent state- the Turkish government was the one and only country, which recognised the separate state- despite strong oppositions from the European Union and world powers. Now, the prime problems to reaching the peaceful reconciliation are property issue- it is not yet clear whether the authorities give compensations or properties to those people who have to leave behind their properties and lands because of civil conflict, and security issue- some ask can Turkish Cypriots live safely inside Cyprus without the presence of Turkish forces, which has been protecting the minority community for last few decades. However, any plan regarding the reconciliation must secure approval from both communities. Anyway, it is not yet clear who will mediate the reconciliation talk of the island country, which is the member of both the Eurozone and EU.


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Cyprus reconciliation talk is in progress