Published On: Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

Czech to do away with restrictions on firearm ownership

On the wake of the raising terror attacks across the European continent, the Czech Republic, the Central European nation, is set to do away with the restrictions on the firearm ownership. The country is likely to amend the constitution in the near future to allow its citizens to legally own the firearms. The lower house of the country has passed the proposal and then forwarded it to the upper house. It is learned that the proposal is not likely to face any serious opposition in the upper house. Once the government gets the accent of the upper house, it can easily amend the law. The issue is that the European Union is not in favour of the proposal. The EU has several times expressed their reservation on the issue clearly. Moreover, a strict ‘gun control’ rule has been recently implemented by the European Commission despite the disapproval of certain European Countries, which possess a different opinion in the matter, such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Luxembourg. It is not clear how the Czechs defend their new firearm ownership policy. Czechs believe that it is necessary to implement the law to protect their citizens from the terrorist attacks by empowering them to defend such attacks, while the EU believes that in order to execute strict ‘counter-terrorism’ mechanism the European countries should implement strong ‘gun control’ law. Traditionally, Czechs love to use firearms. Those citizens of this country who lives in the rural regions still use firearms illegally for hunting purpose. Some observers say that in the recent history not a single terror attack has been done using the legally-owned firearms so there is no logic to state that the Czechs’ policy would go against the counter-terrorism mechanism.


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Czech to do away with restrictions on firearm ownership