Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Democrat candidate wins Alabama


Giving a serious blow to US President Donald Trump, who was the flamboyant campaigner of Republican candidate in the Alabama senate election campaigns, the Democrat candidate, Doug Jones, has defeated Roy Moore and captured the senate seat from the Republicans, who have been enjoying supremacy in the region for last twenty-five years.

In the election, which was orgnaised to fill the seat which had been vacated by Jeff Sessions earlier this year when he had been appointed as the US Attorney General, the Republican candidate has not succeeded in upholding the image of Republicans; and thus he has indirectly become instrumental in narrowing down the majority of the party in the senate to 51-49.

Some political experts see the election result as the onset of an anti-Trump wave. Meanwhile, some others observe that it is too early to reach such a pessimistic conclusion.

It has been indentified that Rou Moore was an ineligible candidate. It has been reported that during the time of election campaigns, he suffered several serious allegations including sexual allegations.

Some International media houses have reported that the Republic leader even failed to convince his party members that the allegations were politically motivated that was the reason why he had to bring the President in the election fray.


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Democrat candidate wins Alabama