Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2017

Democrats gears up to defend Obamacare









In order to prevent the ambitious health care policy, Obamacare or Affordable Care Act, introduced by the US president, Barak Obama, from getting demolished, the Democratic members decided to defend the 2010 law. As per the report, the US president, the republican leader, himself urged his fellow democrats to defend the policy, which had been being rigorously opposed by the republicans since the democrats rolled down the historic proposal. The policy, which benefitted at least 22 million people, scrapped the insurer’s policy denial strategy, eliminated gender biased plans, helped the children to stay under the family scheme until age 26, was strongly objected by the republicans, saying the policy would impose heavy burden on the business houses and there were numerous flaws in the policy proposal. Earlier, during the election campaign, the US president-elect Donald Trump asserted that he would scrap the flawed Obamacare policy. He added that he would introduce a new policy replacing the old one. But, after the election, he announced that he might keep some of the elements of the health care policy as he was impressed by the provisions like barring insurance companies from denying the policy to those people who possessed pre-existing medical conditions. Anyway, a senior republican leader confirmed that the first order of the business of the new republican supremo and his congress would be replacing and scrapping the flawed health care policy injected on the Americans by the democrats. It seems that it is not that easy for the democrats to defend the move inside the two houses of the parliament as they lack prominence in both of them.


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Democrats gears up to defend Obamacare