Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

Denmark to help Africa to reduce the population growth

In order to bring down the number of the African migrants approaching the European continent in each year, the Denmark government is planning to invest a huge fund of nearly $14m in the family planning program being implemented by the Dark Continent. The announcement has been made by the Denmark Development Co-operation Minister, Ulla Tornaes, while speaking at a conference in the United Kingdom’s capital city, London. Denmark, just like many other conservative European nations, views the African population growth as a threat to its peaceful future. Ms Tornaes has opined that the unwanted pregnancies are one of the prime problems faced by Africa and is creating serious issues, both social as well as human, across the continent. Some developed nations, such as Denmark, are trying to state that the underdeveloped countries fail to meet medical care, education, security and even the basic needs of their citizens. As per their opinion, the lack of basic resources in the place of birth prompts people to migrate to the regions where the resources exist. It is apparent that the Danish government consider the African population growth as a security threat. Observers claim that while deeply analysing the scenario, it is clear that the Denmark’s investment on the Africa’s family planning program is a security investment, not a humanitarian aid. It is true that over 225 million women living in this continent are deprived of their right to choose. A huge global investment is urgently needed, as this continent lacks fund to invest in these progressive programs, to empower the African women with the family planning programs. The big question is: is it right to consider this as a security issue?


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Denmark to help Africa to reduce the population growth