Published On: Sat, Jul 14th, 2018

Despite Russian medalling allegation, Trump likely to go ahead with proposed ‘US-Russia’ summit


Despite the US officials’ findings that Russian intelligence personals interfered in the 2016 US Presidential Election with an intension to turn the election result in a way that they wished to see, the United States President, Donald Trump, has, it seems, decided to go ahead with the much awaited US-Russia summit, which is scheduled to take place on Monday.

The Democrats have criticised the Republican led US administration’s move go ahead with the summit. They have appealed for a cancellation of the summit on the wake of the revelation.

Meanwhile, the Russians has reacted with an expected clarification that the new revelation is an attempt to derail the proposed summit. They have welcomed the US President’s decision to move ahead with the crucial summit, saying that both countries have many things to sort out.

The US President, meanwhile, has asserted that he would ask his Russian counterpart, Vladmir Putin, about the alleged Russian medalling.

As per the US officials’ findings, the Russians, during the election, hacked several websites and dates linked to the Democrats. According per their assumption, the leaked information has been utilised to turn the election in favour of the Republicans.

Notably, nowhere in the report, there are indications that the Russians have any links with the Trump campaigning officials.

What is the message the Trump led US trying to give?


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Despite Russian medalling allegation, Trump likely to go ahead with proposed ‘US-Russia’ summit