Published On: Thu, Apr 12th, 2018

Did the UN kill civilians in CAR


The most disturbing question which is resonating in the International political hemisphere is: did the United Nations, which is supposed to act as the protector of humanity, kill civilians in Central African Republic.

Several local people have participated in a protest organised outside the UN headquarters in the CAR’s capital of Bangui with the dead bodies of those killed in the clashes between the UN peacekeepers and rebels.

The people who have gathered outside the UN headquarters in the African country have alleged that the United Nation peacekeeping force has attacked civilians in the clashes occurred in a rebel held region in the country.

Denouncing the argument triggered by the local people, the United Nations has claimed that some people are using dead bodies to spread certain propagandas.

CAR is a mineral rich country. It was once a colony of France. In the year 1960, he was liberated from the clutches of its colonial rulers. Since then, the country has been suffering numerous conflicts and clashes.

In the recent past, this Christian-majority country was captured by the Muslim rebels. Though the International forces managed to overthrow the rebels-led regime, it failed eliminate the rebels completely.



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Did the UN kill civilians in CAR