Published On: Sat, Mar 31st, 2018

‘Don’t skip your breakfast’: Health Expert


Breakfast is an integral part of our daily routine. Many of us purposefully skip this part of the daily routine either to save time or to reduce our body weight. But, the fact is that the act of skipping the breakfast not only ruins one’s health but also makes one lazy and overweight.

As per a study conducted by the American Heart Association, the act of skipping breakfast would make you more susceptible to the process of unnecessary weight gain.

Moreover, the study further says that the act would make you more vulnerable to heart diseases.

It is to be noted that cholesterol, blood pressure and similar lifestyle diseases may be the contribution of your irrational act of skipping breakfast.

Brain lacks energy in morning due to the condition of fasting it suffers in night. This energy is what the breakfast tries to give. In that sense, breakfast is not less than extremely vital habit.

Try to include breakfast in your daily diet.


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‘Don’t skip your breakfast’: Health Expert