Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Dutch to cast their vote today: Germany, France preparing


Giving an feeling that the three crucial Eurozone general elections – Netherland, Germany, and France general elections- that are scheduled to happen this year is likely to change the course of European history entirely, and as Germany and France are preparing to make up their opinion on whether they should support the ailing world order of the alliance or embrace a new world order of the nationalism and selective bilateral ties by casting their vote in the upcoming general elections, Netherland has gone to polls today. In the crucial general election, the main fight is, said to be, between centre-right party and Freedom party. Prime Minister Mark Rutte leads the centre-right party while Geert Wilders, a prominent anti-immigrant and anti-European Union campaigner, heads the opposition, which has a small advantage over the ruling party. The initial report is little disappointing for the pro-EU and pro-immigrant supporters as it predicts Wilders’s upper-hand in the election. Meanwhile, some survey reports also provide a satisfactory report to them as well by announcing that Wilder’s advantage is eroding. The general election is going to fill nearly 150 vacant seats in the House of Representatives of Netherlands. It is learned that France is likely to go to polls on next month and Germany in September. As these three Eurozone countries are the pillars of the ailing European Union, any change in the political scenario, particularly the political executive, in these regions will alter the whole strength of this union. Indeed, any change in the EU will alter the global economic scenario as well. It may gift a new order to the world.


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Dutch to cast their vote today: Germany, France preparing