Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2017

Earthquake jolts Italy; thousands evacuated









Nearly tens of thousands of people has been evacuated from the earthquake affected region and accommodated in safer locations in Italy where the tremor and heavy snowfall have been continuously disrupting the people’s life since last day. As per the International media report, Marche is the region where the tremor has made maximum disruptions and casualties. The region’s supremo opines that it is a disastrous earthquake. The entire European region has wholeheartedly offered their help to the ailing country and expressed their grievances. Some countries declare that a tremor in Italy is a tremor in the entire Europe. The country has deployed the rescue force and army in the affected region to carry out the rescue operation. It is said that the continuous tremor, snowfall and power failure is disrupting the rescue operations. The force is advised to evacuate all people from the affected region. An observatory identifies that nearly two hundred minute tremor hit the country. It is told that of this two hundred, five were extremely disastrous. The rescue officials, while speaking to the International media, claim that their priority is ‘shifting people to warm and safe place.’ At this moment, the rescue operation and the efforts to restore electricity and transportation are underway. For last few years, the country has been witnessing some serious natural disasters like flood and earthquake. It is an admirable fact that in all these occasions the rescue authorities and army have shown a remarkable courage and averted all possibilities of a huge disaster.


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Earthquake jolts Italy; thousands evacuated