Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Ecuador likely to elect left-wing candidate as supremo again






Despite the fact that Ecuador has been undergoing some serious crisis like unemployment, low oil price, and political uncertainty for last few years, the country’s electorate, it seems, has not lost its love towards the left-wing political system. As nearly sixty per cent of the election procedure has completed, Lenin Moreno, who was chosen to replace the leftist incumbent, Rafael Correa, by the ruling left-wing party, has grabbed a concrete lead over his opponent and conservative leader, Guillermo Lasso, by gaining nearly thirty-eight per cent vote, eight per cent more than what has been secured by the conservative candidate. It is necessary, according to the Ecuador election rule, that the candidate should secure at least forty per cent vote and a ten per cent point difference with the nearest rival to avoid the run-off. Unfortunately, even though the left-wing candidate has marked concrete lead, there is less chance for him to taste a victory without the run-off. It is an interesting fact that the electorate did not pay a heed to the conservatives’ huge promises like creating large job opportunities even though there were huge negative remarks to the ruling leftist government as it had failed to resist the crisis created by the fall in oil price and not bothered to save fortune for the crisis period. It is said that the country has been facing a serious shortage of funds in the poverty reduction programmes since the fall of oil price and is still not recovered from the clutches of corruption. The preliminary information regarding the election result has spoiled the calculations of some who strongly predicted that Ecuador may follow the path of Argentina and Peru. Interestingly, giving a deserved privilege to the third gender, this time the third gender community has been permitted to cast their vote according to their chosen sex.


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Ecuador likely to elect left-wing candidate as supremo again