Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2018

El Salvador president asked to testify about ‘disappeared South African ambassador’


The El Salvador Supreme Court has directed President Sanchez Ceren to testify about the South African ambassador who disappeared in the country during the year 1979.

There were allegations that the rebel group, in which the present Supremo once served as a second-in-command, had involvement in the disappearance of the envoy.

In 1980s itself, the People liberation Force admitted that they killed the envoy who was found missing from the South African embassy.

Actually, President Ceren is the first rebel leader to assume the post of the Supremo of the country. His supporters claim that it is a politically motivated move to taint their leader’s image in the International platforms.

Notably, the president has remained silent in the issue and has not shown any enthusiasm to defend his position.

Anyway, his spokesperson has defended the president by saying that Mr Ceren was not in charge of the group at the time the disappearance reported. He has claimed that during the year 1979, the president was leading a labour union of teachers.

Interestingly, some latest reports suggest that the president is less likely to testify before the court in this issue. Noteworthy, the reports has not cited any reason for ‘why the president is showing reluctance to present himself before the court’.


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El Salvador president asked to testify about ‘disappeared South African ambassador’