Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

Erdogan to become ‘Turkey’s First Powerful President’


As the preliminary information reached from Ankara about the Turkish election result clearly suggests that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would mark an astounding victory in the election, it is clear that he is likely to be the one who is going to enjoy the new powers attached to the presidency recently through a tough referendum.

Anyway, Mr Erdogan’s victory was not uncontested. He definitely faced stiff opposition from his nearest and most powerful opponent, Muharrem Ince.

As per a latest report, Mr Erdogan has so far secured over 53 per cent vote share and his opponent, Mr Ince, less than 31 per cent vote share. Importantly, no other opposition candidates have yet touched two digit vote shares.

The majority of the information regarding the election result has been released by the Turkish state run media houses which are controlled by the president himself. So, at this moment, it is not possible to gain the exact details of the election result. The opposition candidates have not conceded their defeat. They have also expressed doubts about the authenticity of the reports released by the state run media houses.

Anyway, the new president will be more powerful. He will be free to appoint anyone for the top public offices like the vice president and ministers, will have the authority to interfere with the country’s judicial system, and will be powerful enough to declare emergency in the country whenever he feels it is necessary.

It was on the ground of economic development and internal and external security that the President sought the support of the people for his second and powerful presidency.

Will Turkey be a peaceful country and trustworthy economy under an authoritarian leader like Mr Erdogan?


Vignesh. S. G

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Erdogan to become ‘Turkey’s First Powerful President’