Published On: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

EU joins hand with China to defend ‘Paris Climate Agreement’

While the United States, one of the biggest emitters of carbon, is preparing to ditch the widely acclaimed ‘Paris Climate Agreement’, the Chinese government, another biggest emitter of carbon, has joined hand with the European Union, which stands firmly with the agreement, to defend the agreement. According to the report, China and the European Union are set to release a joint statement on the historical agreement, which aims to reduce the global temperature and greenhouse gasses. It is learned that both of them are likely to extend their full commitment in executing the vital agreement. Many see this as a clear warning to the United States which is extensively showing their irresponsibility by planning to stay out from the climate agreement, which is in fact very crucial for the existence of the earth. Until now, of the 197 countries which attended the Paris Climate Summit, nearly 147 countries, including the United States, have already ratified the agreement. Earlier, several European countries, including Germany, expressed reservation about the US’s protectionist attitude and anti-environment attitude. It is learned that in the latest G7 meet the top European powers have openly expressed it. Anyway, it is not apparent at this movement whether the latest global political development, that is the joint agreement between the EU and China, will make any impact on the US’s decision to ditch the agreement. It is a highly appreciable fact that China and the EU, two most powerful economic powers, have come together as a protector of the agreement even while the world is aggressively moving towards a protectionist order.


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EU joins hand with China to defend ‘Paris Climate Agreement’