Published On: Wed, Dec 20th, 2017

EU likely to take ‘Disciplinary Action’ against Poland


The European Union, which is totally unhappy with the new developments in Warsaw, is likely to take disciplinary action against Poland over the latter’s move to revamp the judicial system of the country in a way the legislature dominates over the judiciary.

The proposed reform is likely to make significant changes in many laws, particularly those related to the appointment of judges.

The European Union strongly believes that these changes may disturb the democratic structure of the country.

It seems that the issue may trigger a serious power struggle between two powerful sections of the Europe, one led by the neo-liberals and the other led by the pro-conservatives.

The Polish government has asserted that the proposed reform is an unavoidable measure to curb corruption and inefficiency which have been adversely affecting the Polish system for last few years.

With the Polish government and other Polish supports like Hungary standing firmly on their decision to support the proposed judicial reforms, the European Union has been left with no choice other than avoiding the logjam either through diplomatic channels or through coercion.

It is learned that the European Commission is going to convene a meeting to discuss should they invoke Article 7 against Poland in the near future.


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EU likely to take ‘Disciplinary Action’ against Poland