Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2018

EU sanctions top Venezuelan leaders


A couple of days after the victory of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was declared in the country’s presidential election, the European Union, which alleged that the election was conducted in an unfair manner, has sanctioned several top officials of the leftist country including its newly nominated Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

While announcing its decision to impose sanction, the European Union has asserted that the Venezuelan government has conducted several human rights violations and tried to derail the democratic process and rights assured in the country’s constitution.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government has denounced all allegations raised against their regime. They has claimed that the allegations and sanctions triggered against their regime was a part of the conspiracy hatched by the western capitalist governments like the US and EU countries to pressurise the one and only powerful communist regime in the American region.

The country’s economy is not in as good state. When the oil prise has started falling, the Venezuelan oil-dependent economy has entered into a path of downfall. It is the reason why the iron curtain country is left with no other option but to resist the pressure exerted over it by the west with harmless worlds.

Political experts say that it is the common people who is actually suffering due to the unpleasant state in which the state has been pushed into by the ideological war fought by the, so called, democratic, west and the far leftists.

They opine that the International agencies should interfere in the issue in order to de-escalate the tension.


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EU sanctions top Venezuelan leaders