Published On: Fri, Mar 23rd, 2018

EU unhappy with the US ‘powerless’ data protection laws


From the latest developments, it is very clear that the European Union, whose member countries are extremely keen about the data protection and privacy laws, is unhappy with the United States, whose people, it seems, are less enthusiastic about the sensitive issues of privacy and data protection.

The European Commission has indirectly said that the United Sates should show more attention to protect the data and to implement the privacy laws.

It seems that the EU is well aware that the US citizens are less worried about their privacy than the European citizens. But, the union believes that the recent data breach happened in the US-based social media giant, Facebook, might prompt people to think more rationally about the subject of privacy.

The European Commission Justice Commissioner, Vera Jourova, has recently visited the United States. In her visit, she has met several regulators and concerned to discuss the subject of data protection and privacy.

The Facebook data breach is the most shocking data breach incident the world has ever heard in the recent past.

Prior to the incident, the people are less aware that the information who gives the social media giant can be hacked and be used to create a virtual persona of the people.


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EU unhappy with the US ‘powerless’ data protection laws