Published On: Sat, Jan 14th, 2017

EU’s Freedom of Movement provision loses ground










As more and more countries, political parties and political leaders particularly right-wing leaders come with strong statements denouncing the EU’s Freedom of Movement provision, the ambitious provision, which allows the Europeans to work anywhere across the continent, is slowly losing its ground. In one such statement triggered against the Freedom of Movement offered by the European Union, a senior Dutch minister, Lodewijk Asscher, asserts that the EU should consider the reconstruction of the proposed law according to the need of the time. It is learned that the UK’s move to quit the European Union has prompted some of the European political parties, politicians and countries to take a stand against the ‘Freedom of Movement’. It is said that the move to revamp the provision is likely to help the United Kingdom, which is strongly speaking against the EU’s key provision. Since the Brexit, the UK has been aiming to make a deal with the European Union, which helps them to keep their access to the European market and block the ‘Freedom of Movement’ provision. Some believe that the EU’s prime provision badly hurts the job opportunities and local workforce, and makes significant fluctuations in the wages. Anyway, Asscher claims that he personally supports the provision. He is the senior leader of the Dutch Labour party, which is running the Dutch government along with the ruling party, the People Party for Freedom. The Dutch Prime Minister is the prime supporter of the United Kingdom even if Netherland is the vital member of the European Union, which advocates the Freedom of Movement and open market system. Some thinkers opine that it is unfortunate the pro-workspace nationalisation movement is rapidly grabbing momentum across the continent.


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EU’s Freedom of Movement provision loses ground