Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

EU’s new rule makes life harder for British citizens following Brexit.

Angry travellers queue for passport control at Stockholm airport Arlanda as Sweden and the four other Nordic countries, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, joined the Schengen Treaty 25 March 2001. The first day of visa-free travel was marked by crashing passport computers, queuing passengers and frustrated flight crews as the Schengen information system computers went offline and customs had to revert to manually checking all passports.

EU’s new rule to strengthen the border control has left the British citizens in a bizarre situation as they are forced to queue up for hours in ‘Third world passport control’. Most of the European airports witnessed tons of people queuing up as stricter checks are imposed both at entry and exit. This has resulted in a dilemma for a few passengers over their furious condition that even resulted in some people even missing their flights. Where as few planes were delayed while as crews waited for their passengers to cross the border.

One of the tourist was reported as saying “ There were four guys standing in only one booth yesterday at passport control. I felt they were punishing the UK residents and had a very abrupt attitude. It was absolutely not a good experience.”  Some passengers were even reported to have answered in two words ‘bad day’ upon asking about the experience.

Though there were huge crowd queued up to pass through,  not many booths were operating. If they were 3  booths only one was operating. Passengers also experienced pretty harsh behaviour from the airport authorities while they waited in the long jammed queues.


Azam Sait

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EU’s new rule makes life harder for British citizens following Brexit.