Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2017

Experts suspect NK’s involvement in ransomware attack













An acclaimed security researcher linked to the Google has discovered some similarity between the codes of the ransomware and similar software developed by the Lazarus Group which had earlier executed the infamous hacking and virus operations such as the Sony Picture operation and Bangladeshi bank operation.

The infamous hacker group is said to be linked to the North Korean regime. The similarity between the codes has prompted the experts to point their finger towards the iron curtain country.

But, in order to prove the NK’s involvement, the experts need to find answers to several confusing questions. It is learned that the NK, through the hacker group, had allegedly launched an attack against the Sony during the year 2014 because the company had been preparing to release a film which has certain elements defaming the NK dictator. It is said that it would have been more targeted and goal oriented if the NK has been the perpetrator of the attack.

According to the report, China and Russia are the prime countries on which the virus made the most devastating effects. Will the NK try to provoke its one and only ally, China?

Considering the fact that an expert hacker can easily execute a false flag attack, it is said that we cannot blindly point the fingers towards the NK. If the possibility of a false flag attack is not ruled out, it is not necessary that the similarity in the code must be approved as a concrete evidence to blame the North Korea.

Anyway, now, fortunately, the security experts have a clear target and some assumptions. It is advised that the cyber security experts of the technically advanced countries should conduct a joint operation to dodge the Ransomware attack and create a firewall to eliminate all possibilities of any future attack.

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Experts suspect NK’s involvement in ransomware attack