Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

External forces may interfere in French, German and Dutch elections: Intelligence agency

Giving strength to the speculations that some illicit external forces, like Russia, is trying to alter the output of the major elections going to happen in the European countries like France, Germany and Netherlands, and warning respective governments to take necessary steps to overcome such situations, a well-reputed intelligence agency has predicted that some election software used to conduct elections has been tainted and enabled to perform in favour of the illicit group’s interest.

Identifying the possibility of a potential threat from the external forces, the Netherland government has decided to change their election procedure. Henceforth, in Netherlands, there will not be a voting system that uses the vulnerable software and modern technological systems. Instead, this time, the vote will be counted by hand. While speaking to the media personals, the Netherland’s spokesperson said that the authorities would not even permit a shadow of doubt over the election procedure of the country. The country is scheduled to hold the parliament election on upcoming March 15. Freedom Party candidate Geert wilders, who possesses an anti-EU stand, is holding an upper hand in the opinion polls. Anyway, it is reported that the Russian government has denied any role in the election malpractice. Earlier also, during the US election, there were acquisitions that the Russian intelligence agency was working towards making the curial poll results in their favour using the cyber operations. At this moment, the sources of the French and German government are not available for responding on this matter.





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External forces may interfere in French, German and Dutch elections: Intelligence agency