Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2018

Face veil ban creates trouble in Denmark


The Denmark government has faced serious criticism from the human rights organisations, after the police authorities function under it fined a woman for wearing a face veil in public.

The fined woman is the first woman to get a punishment under the charge of wearing a face veil in public.

A couple of days before, the Denmark government implemented the controversial policy of face veil ban in the country.

Actually, the bill seeking a strict ban on face veil was passed in the Denmark parliament several months ago.

Earlier, soon after the law was passed, several organisations, particularly human rights organisations, organised protests across the country to express their reservation over the law.

For last few days, particularly since the implementation of the law, the European country has been witnessing serious protests demanding the cancellation of the controversial policy to punish those who wear face veil in public.

The law does not say it bans certain kinds of clothes used by any particularly community. But, it, in general, stipulates that anyone wear a face veil shall be punishable under the law. So, it cannot be perceived as an attack against any community. But, it can definitely be considered as an attack against personal choices.


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Face veil ban creates trouble in Denmark