Published On: Tue, Oct 31st, 2017

Facebook releases data showing ‘Russian involvement’ in ‘US election’

Giving strength to the Democrats’ claims that the Russian authorities meddled in the US election to support the Republicans, the Facebook, the social media giant based in the United States, have publicised date clearly showing that over eighty thousand social media political posts aimed at influencing the US voters were developed by the Russian based operatives between June 2015 and August 2017.

The documents released by the US-based social media conglomerate stay odd with the Russian official statement that neither the country nor any company close to the country’s administration involved in any kind of meddling during the US elections.

In the upcoming Senate hearing, the Facebook, Twitter, and Google will detail the Russian impact on the social media platforms during the US elections.

As per the data released by the social media tycoon, not less than 126 million US citizens may have watched these 80,000 posts generated by the Russians to influence the voters.

The data reveals that the majority of the aforementioned posts were developed by a company close to the Russian administration.

Anyway, the latest revelations of the tech giant are likely to put the Russian government in a defenceless state in the International platforms, where the country is at present in a bad position.


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Facebook releases data showing ‘Russian involvement’ in ‘US election’