Published On: Wed, Jan 3rd, 2018

Far-rightist parliamentarian likely to face investigation over her provocative comment


It seems that German parliamentarian Beatrix von Storch, who is the member of ‘Alternative for Germany’, is likely to face an investigation over her provocative comment against the Muslim community.

As per the report, the far-rightist lawmaker irresponsibly questioned the German police department using provocative words why the department delivered a New Year message in Arabic.

This year, unlike what was followed in the previous years, the German police officials shared their New Year greeting through their twitter handle in Arabic, apart from German, English and French languages (the languages they normally use to express some special messages like the festival wishes in their social media handle).

The lawmaker alleged that the country’s police department is trying to appease the Arabic community living in the country.

She also reminded the police department how some people behaved in Cologne in a similar day around two years ago.

It is not the first time the AfD members have made such provocative comments against the migrants, particularly against the Muslim community.

The AfD, which is an anti-migrant party, is trying to polarize the German population in the religious lines. The latest parliament result itself is the good indicator that its tactics somewhat worked well. Now, AfD do have good presence in the parliament.

Anyway, if the authorities want to initiate an investigation against her, it needs to seek the permission of the parliament.


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Far-rightist parliamentarian likely to face investigation over her provocative comment