Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

FARC’s dissident group tries to derail the peace process  



The Colombian historical peace process is at stake as some members of the FARC dissident group has carried out a provocative attack against the country’s government security forces killing one security officer. Some consider it as a purposeful attack targeted to derail the hard-earned peace process. As per the report, the attack has been conducted using modern weapons. Last year, the Colombian government had reached a peace agreement with the FARC rebels, ending several decades old bloodshed. It is said to be one of the biggest achievement of the Colombian supremo, Juan Manuel Santos. Recognising his remarkable contributions in this peace process, he has been felicitated with the Nobel Peace Prize. Now, due to the irresponsible and provocative behaviour from the FARC dissidents, he has been forced to condemn the attack strongly.

It is said that even after this provocation the government is willing to move forward with the historical peace process. Tens of thousands of people had either been killed or been kidnapped during the disastrous civil war which ended after creating the peace process. Meanwhile, it is alleged that the government has not fulfilled the promises made by them correctly. The transition camps which are offered to the FARC rebels are still under construction. Moreover, some FARC rebels fear that they are not capable enough to get into the formal political system with the poor education or informal education. Anyway, it is clear that in the peace process still there are many issues which need a strong deliberation.




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FARC’s dissident group tries to derail the peace process