Finally Noura gets ‘Justice’


It is a big day in the history of the African country of Sudan. Today, an appeal court has commuted the death sentence given to a Sudanese woman, Noura Hussein, who was forced to kill her husband when he attempted to rape her for the second time, to a comparatively short term of five year imprisonment.

Actually, it is the victory of several human rights organisations such as the Amnesty International and several renowned personalities including Hollywood actress Emma Watson and Model-Singer Naomi Campbell, who have relentlessly fought for the Sudanese women.

The family of the woman have expressed their happiness. Noura’s mother, while speaking to an International reporter, has said that she was happy that her daughter’s life had been spared.

It was an Islamic Court which initially considered the case. That court awarded a stiff sentence of death sentence to the women. The decision of the court invited serious criticism. It triggered a worldwide campaign for Noura. The social media movement ‘#JusticeforNoura’ was a part of this worldwide campaign.

There is no doubt that the global movement initiated for the woman who killed her husband to resist a kind of marital rape has considerably influenced the court which has reconsidered the verdict of the Islamic Court.

The Amnesty International has said that the country should formulate a clear framework to contain the marital rape cases in order to avoid such cases in future.


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Finally Noura gets ‘Justice’