Published On: Sat, Mar 9th, 2019

Finland govt resigns over ‘Failed HealthCare Policy’

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Finland Prime Minister Juha Sipila has announced the resignation of his government finally, as he has failed to implement a crucial heath care policy reform.

The Finland health care policy creates serious difficulty to the financial stability of the European country, as the rate of population shrinks and the total number of retired expands.

It was recently that the Finland PM announced his great plan for the reformation of the health care policy to reduce the pressure the policy gives to the country’s economy.

When he announced the policy, he asserted that it was the most important policy of his government and he would resign if the policy fails.

The new developments indicate that he is a person of great morals. He has not hesitated to step down at least once, when he has found that the chances for the implementation of the reform have completely vanished.

Meanwhile, the Finland opposition has strongly criticised the resignation. Actually, the country is supposed to witness an election in mid April. The opposition has called the last minute resignation a ploy.

Anyway, until the completion of the planned election, the present regime can remain in power as a caretaker regime even though they have formally resigned from the powerful position.


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Finland govt resigns over ‘Failed HealthCare Policy’