Former Congresswoman demands tougher gun laws in the wake of Las Vegas attack

Las Vegas


In the wake of the brutal Las Vegas attack in which nearly 59 innocent concert-goers were killed and around 527 injured, former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has demanded the implementation of tougher gun laws.

The gun-attack survivor and her husband, in a joint statement, have said that the prayers from the White House are not enough to stop the next shooting attack.

The statement indicates that the lenient gun laws of the United States are the prime reason for the repeated occurrence of such unfortunate incidents in the country.

Giving strength to the statement, it has been reported that a large number of weapons has been recovered from the room where the attacker was staying.

Nevada, the federal state in which Las Vegas is located, has no strict gun laws. Though it is mandatory to undergo police verification in order to buy a gun in the state, there are no restrictions on the private sale of the weapons.

Notably, hours after the attack, the infamous terror organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack. But, the police officials have confirmed that no substantial proof has been recovered to confirm the IS’s involvement.


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Former Congresswoman demands tougher gun laws in the wake of Las Vegas attack