Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2019

Former Pope blames ’1960s Sexual Revolution’ for ‘present Sexual Abuse crisis’

A former Pope, Benedict XVI, has blamed the 1960s Sexual Revolution for the present sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Cleric community. The statement has been made through a letter published in a leading European Catholic magazine based in Germany. The crux of his letter is that the community has walked away from the God and the present crisis can be surmounted if the community moves back to the God. Interestingly, the letter does not blames the way the present Pope tries to overcome the crisis. Yet, it suggests an historical and theological approach than the present approach. Importantly, the letter appreciates the initiatives taken by the present Pope to address the crisis. In the recent past, Pope Francis convened a global Cleric meeting in order to discuss how the issue can be resolved. In the meeting, the Pope asserted that no case of sexual abuse should be taken lightly and it should be addressed promptly. The predecessors of the Pope are accused of ignoring the issue of sexual abuse.

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Former Pope blames ’1960s Sexual Revolution’ for ‘present Sexual Abuse crisis’