Published On: Wed, Dec 27th, 2017

Former US supremo warns against irresponsible use of social media platforms


In a special interview program in which Prince Harry has appeared in the seat of interviewer, Barack Obama, who is the former President of the world’s most-powerful country, has warned the United State’s citizens against the irresponsible use of social media platforms, such as facebook and twitter.

The former president has claimed that some tactically use these platforms to spread misinformation and to distort people’s knowledge.

Notably, in the interview in which the social media has accidentally become one of the prime subjects, the former supremo has not mentioned anything about his predecessor, Donald Trump, who is a prolific user of social media.

Often, the US President, Donald Trump, uses his social media platforms, particularly twitter, to connect with the people. The president’s social media addiction has even created headlines in many newspapers in several occasions.

The erstwhile supremo’s statement indirectly indicates that he also believes some purposefully used the social media platforms to bring the US electorate in favour of the Republicans during the 2016 presidential elections in which the Republicans defeated the Democrats who were ruling the country.

While speaking to the media personals, the British Prince has said that the interview with the ex-President of the US was very informative.


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Former US supremo warns against irresponsible use of social media platforms