Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

France arrests former Kosovan supremo over Serbian warrant

Former Kosovan Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, who had served as the rebel commander during the infamous Kosovan conflict happened in 1998, was arrested by the French government over a warrant issued by the Serbian government. The Serbian authorities, seeking extradition of the Kosovan leader from the France’s custody, claimed that there were numerous concrete evidences available to prove the Kosovan politician committed several war crimes. Meanwhile, the Kosovan government, strongly condemning the French authorities’ action, asserted that the move was unacceptable and condemnable. It was told that the Kosovan government initiated their efforts to release their beloved war hero, their former rebel commander, who gifted them the freedom. Even if Mr. Haradinaj faced war crimes charges nearly twice in the United Nations, he was acquitted in both cases. As per the report, the French government might not accept the extradition request as the request was motivated by a political stand. The French police authorities reportedly sought legal advice on whether the French government should respond to the politically motivated extradition-request or not. Kosovo was liberated from Serbia after a bloody civil war during the year 2008. But, even now, the Serbian government, which is still suffering the pain of that violent civil war, does not recognise Kosovo as an independent nation. It seems that the new developments will create another crisis in the European Union which has recently suffered the ‘bitter Brexit’.


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France arrests former Kosovan supremo over Serbian warrant