Published On: Sat, May 6th, 2017

France election highlights: Macron camp’s sensitive files hacked

Hours before the commencement of the second round of the France presidential election, minutes before the time allotted to the public campaign has ended, some sensitive files related to the centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron, has been publicised in a file sharing website. It is learned that the file has been posted by an anonymous user- most probably, from a Russian-based server. Earlier, there were reports that the Russian hackers were trying to undermine the centrist camp in order to ensure the victory of the far-rightist candidate, Marine Le Pen. While speaking to the media persons, minutes before the end of the campaigning period, the centrist candidate, Macron, has strongly condemned the attack. Notably, he has not publically accused any party or his opponent, even if it is clear that the attacker’s main aim unarguably is to support and help the far-rightist candidate, who has less chance to mark a victory on Sunday on which France is going to see the second round of the election. The French media houses have been asked to refrain from reporting their malicious data publicised by the unknown user as the code of conduct is in place. Anyway, the WikiLeaks has published it with an apologetic note in which it says they are not responsible to the leak. At this moment, it is not clear whether the leak benefits the Le Pen camp or not. It is noted that the far-rightist camp has not responded to the incident till now. But, as usual, the Russian authorities assert they are not responsible for any hack attack.


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France election highlights: Macron camp’s sensitive files hacked