Published On: Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

France National Assembly election: Macron’s en Marche likely to mark a huge victory






As per the preliminary reports, the youngest political party in France, La Republique en Marche, which is led by the newly elected supremo of the country, Emmanuel Macron, is likely to mark a mesmerising victory in the country’s national assembly election. The national assembly has nearly five hundred and seventy-seven seats. The en Marche and its political ally, MoDem, are said to be dominating in four hundred and forty-five of the five hundred and seventy-seven seats. If Macron gets such a huge majority, he can easily implement his ambitious economic plans in order to revive the crippling economy of the country.

As per the initial projections, the LREM and MoDem will get over thirty-two per cent vote, the Republicans might score around sixteen per cent, the Socialists will grab below seven per cent, the Le Pen’s National Front is likely to secure over thirteen per cent, and the far-leftists will win nearly eleven per cent. Unexpectedly, in the preliminary round of the national assembly election, which held on last day, the turnout has been very low, around forty-eight per cent. The prime weakness of the Macron’s front is that most of their candidates are inexperienced persons. Experts say that even though these candidates have the potential to attract the vote of those unsatisfied citizens which have a strong reservation against the establishment, they are unlikely to perform well in the parliament- in fact, the experience really matters for the smooth-running of the house activities.






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France National Assembly election: Macron’s en Marche likely to mark a huge victory