Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

France: police clashes with environmental activists


Creating a violent scene, the French police forces have tried to evict several environmental activists, who, for last few years, have been camping in a site, proposed for an airport project, in protest of the government’s plan.

Several activists and some security force persons have been injured in the attack. This is the first time such a severe clash has been reported from the Notre-Dames-des-Landes site located in the western France.

The police force has used several techniques, including the tear gas, to disperse the crowd. The crowd has reacted to the police atrocities over them with stone pelting.

There have been hundreds of activists in the region, when a huge police force comprising of nearly three thousand men has reached the spot.

Actually, the France government officially ditched the project several months ago due to mounting protests over the project.

A powerful section of regional leaders still believes that the government would re-consider the project and the proposed project would hugely benefit those living in and around the region once it is implemented.

Lately, some unreliable sources were spreading the rumours among the locals through social media platforms that the government may reconsider the project to appease the powerful local politicians who support the project.



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France: police clashes with environmental activists