Published On: Fri, Jul 20th, 2018

France police investigates Macron’s aide’s alleged attack on protesters


The personal aides of those in power often forget their limitations. Sometimes, the law enforces often turn a blind eye against them when they commit crime due to the fear of the influence of their bosses. But, it is not applicable everywhere, particularly in such societies which clearly know what their rights are and has a clear opinion on how their governments, leaders and even the staff of their leaders must function. Such societies will definitely react if their expectations are broken.

It is clear that France is a powerful country. Its people regularly correct their government and leaders. It is one of the reason why the French authorities have launched an investigation when an allegation have been triggered against their president’s aide that he have attacked some protesters during a rally even though he has no authority to take part in the security forces’ effort to contain the protest.

A preliminary investigation has proved that it has been an off day for him at the time when the incident has taken. Anyway, there are reports that he has obtained a permission to witness the protest from the concerned authorities.

An investigation is on. If found guilty, he would get severe punishment for taking part in an security force operation disguising as a security officer and using the facilities of the security forces unlawfully, and for attacking the people.


Vignesh. S. G

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France police investigates Macron’s aide’s alleged attack on protesters