Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

French President election: Benoit Hamon to become the face of ‘Socialist’





The French election is getting more and more complicated and unpredictable day by day as the main political parties like Centrist Parties and Conservative Party are casting powerful figures as their face aiming to grab the top post. In line with the new trend, the Socialist has also elected a powerful candidate as their face, Benoit Hamon. In the run off to the Socialist candidateship, Benoit has defeated Manuel Valls, a former Prime Minister of the country. Benoit, a former education minister, who is a hardliner leftist, is one of the most powerful candidates in the leftist faction, which aims a powerful comeback. Even if the Socialist candidate is less likely to succeed in their race to the top post, as the ruling Socialist supremo Francois Hollande enjoys very little support because of his anti-poor, anti-labour, policies, the newly elected candidate of the Socialist wing is expected to demonstrate a tough race, assert experts. Francois Fillon, the representative of the Conservative Party, Marine Le Pen, the representative of right-wing, and Emmanuel Macron, the representative of Centrist, are the big names in the candidate list. Of these four candidates, Fillon holds more support among the citizens and, most probably, will succeed Hollande as the President of the country. Anyway, with the progressive planes like the legalisation of cannabis and reconstruction of the labour law, the leftists, the Socialist, are aiming to regain the lost fortune. Experts opine that it is a very important election as the world is witnessing a rampant economic change, with the induction of Trump and the decision of the UK to leave the European Union.


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French President election: Benoit Hamon to become the face of ‘Socialist’