French singer France Gall is no more


Renowned French singer France Gall, who filled the hearts and ears of her fans and music enthusiasts with her innocent smile and sweet voice, has died of cancer at the age of seventy.

The period of 1960s was when almost all best things happened to her life related to the music she madly loved.

In the year 1965, she won the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest, which is still one of the most popular song contests in the world.

Almost all of her songs were great hit. Even her first single song sold over two lakh copies (during that time, such a huge success was only possible to established singers).

It was her voice that brought her more appreciation, than other elements of her songs. Unfortunately, some words and lines used in her songs, which she developed in collaboration with Gainsbourg, also received some serious criticism.

But, she later confessed that she, while doing such songs, was too young to understand the double-meaning of the words suggested by Gainsbourg. She, for that reason, even severed her relation with Gainsbourg.

Sadly, her last years were painful. She lost her husband and elder daughter. She suffered cancer at least once before she finally succumbed over it.

She was a social worker and philanthropist. She was an active participant of several social activates and movements.

Many singers, music enthusiasts, fans, politicians, social workers have expressed their condolence.

Only her body is mortal, Gall’s music is immortal and it will remain in our hearts forever.


Vignesh. S. G

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French singer France Gall is no more