Published On: Thu, Aug 31st, 2017

French supremo to release labour reform policy soon

Trying to transform a society which hates reforms, the newly elected French president, Emmanuel Macron, is set to present his labour reform policy before the labour unions and other stakeholders and then before the public. It is learned that there will be nearly sixty key reforms in the labour reform policy. As per the media report, the French supremo, who clearly knows that he will suffer serious criticism from the society because of his new labour reforms, wants to liberalise the French economy’s hire and fire policy, the move that no union is likely to support in the upcoming discussion session. In the recent days, the French centrist leader’s popularity has reduced considerably from above 50 per cent to below 40 per cent. Anyway, Mr Macron assures that he will bring down the rate of unemployment from over nine per cent to below seven per cent by the year 2022. At this moment, it is not clear that how he will handle the situation if it goes out of control and what will be the prime features of his labour reforms. It is said that the far-leftist labour organisations are planning to organise a huge demonstration in order to show their disagreement towards the government’s plan to liberalise the labour law making it easier for the private companies to evade the labour regulations.


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French supremo to release labour reform policy soon